Internet Safety is Gone


Matt Brown, Reporter

As of the week of March 19th, Internet privacy took a turn for the worse.  An attempt is on it’s way to overturn an FCC rule that prohibited internet histories to be viewed by anyone that had not consented personally or directly retrieved it. A new bill was passed by the senate and is on its way to the president’s desk, where there’s a possibility that he may sign and pass it. The controversy with this is that anyone can purchase anyone’s internet history for the highest bid.

The issue with this is that, not only can people see what you’ve been searching at any time, but there have been several funding pages (i.e. kickstarters, gofundme pages) that have collected thousands of dollars to buy the internet history of people in Congress that pass this, to blackmail them if/when this law is overturned.

If this carries out, people are no longer safe to be on any website or platform without Big Brother’s knowledge. It doesn’t matter what the websites are, people should respect the privacy of others. If this happens, why don’t we also remove blinds from all rooms in our houses just so it’s more convenient to law enforcement?? Privacy on the largest and most important database in the world is something that requires privacy to any and all. This can bring about blackmail to everyone, no matter who they are. People in Congress should be the most concerned, as other figureheads may want to purchase their internet history. This will start wars between people, especially those that dislike one another.

How we fight this is simple: we talk to our governors, senators, etc. and get them to try to speak out against this rule. We can tell them that this isn’t our favorable political choice, and if this is carried out, a re-election shouldn’t be expected from us.

We are the people, what we say is what makes the government function. We need to speak up and say that we don’t agree with this and make the change we need.