How to win a free prom ticket!


Jessica Luna, Associate-Editor-in-Chief

Every year at Sahuaro there has been a super cool promposal competition to win free tickets, however with some new changes that will not be happening. Fortunately, it’s still possible to win a free prom ticket.

By attending some of Student Council-run events, your name will get put into a drawing to win the ticket. There are two events to attend, one being a Chipotle night (Old Spanish Trail and Harrison) on April 4th. You do need proof of purchase to be able to fill out a ticket. The other event is a Car Wash on April 23rd. The car wash is donation and is located at the Discount Tire on Broadway and Camino Seco. Each student is limited to one ticket per event they attend, but going to both events would definitely increase your chance of winning. According to Student Council, a minimum of 75 student names must be in the box to even keep this opportunity alive.

From April 7-14, single prom tickets will be $55 and couple tickets will be $100. After the 14th the price will rise to $65 for single tickets and $110 for couples. If you have a chance to win a free ticket, it’s worth all the money you’ll save. This opportunity is only available to seniors, good luck!