Senior Q&A: Canyon Perkins


Jocelyn Reeder, reporter

Q:What has been your best memory at Sahuaro?

A: My first football game in the student section. It was wild and it was Sahuaro vs. Sabino. It was also exciting because Frank Ocean dropped his first visual.

Q: Who is one of your favorite teachers at Sahuaro, and why?

A: Ms. Lawson’s class because her class is nothing but positivity and gets you thinking about yourself. It also makes you think about how to help the world. It is just a great class.

Q: What are three fun facts about you?

A: I hit a home run when I was 8 (I played Infield), I’m related to John F. Kennedy, and I’ve been on the front of the newspaper twice for rodeos.

Q: What got you into/inspired you to write books and make movies?

A: I just love stories. I would watch movies and think these people have used their minds to tell stories that people don’t think about. I love the creativity.

Q: What genre do you write about like fiction, horror, comedy, mystery, etc.?

A: I like to write about murder and mystery but through the eyes of the murder.

Q: What is your life motto?

A: Live with your heart and mind not the evil your eyes give you. I choose that because sometimes the evil you see and experience aren’t what you should base life off of.

Q: Do you plan on going to college after high school? If so where?

A:  I kind of don’t plan on going to college like right after high school, but I want to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Q: What do you feel has been/will be your legacy left here at Sahuaro?

A: I think people would just remember me as that one weird kid that wore overalls.