The Paper Kites Come to Tucson for the First Time Ever


Lily Merritt, Opinion Editor

The night of April 3, Australian band, The Paper Kites came to Tucson for their first time ever. “I saw a lot of cacti driving here from San Diego this morning. I wish I could take one home with me,” lead singer, Sam Bentley jokingly noted at the beginning of the show.

Before welcoming The Paper Kites to the stage, Tucson native, Jess Matsen gave the opening performance. I had never heard of the placid indie artist, but after hearing six or so of his songs, I immediately added the single, “Old Bones New Homes” to my Spotify. The humble and reticent Matsen put on a 40-minute one-man show from a metal folding chair, strumming and singing original indie folk rock songs, taking sips of Dos Equis in between.

Twenty minutes later, Club Congress’s curtains rose and out came the five-man (and woman) band. Casually dressed, the band took to their places: two on guitar and the mic, one on the bass, one on drums, and one on keyboard and vocals. After a quick hello, the band began to play. A few songs and some quick conversation later, Sam Bentley suggested they play two songs with the venue’s lights completely off. Of course, the crowd happily complied. During this time, my favorite song of theirs was played, “Bloom”. I didn’t think it was possible for the song to sound any better than it does out of my car stereo, but those four minutes proved me wrong as I sang along with the rest of the crowd.

Given the small crowd of maybe 4o people, it has been a long time since my heart has felt as full as it did in that room. That night I left Club Congress as a livelier girl and an even bigger The Paper Kites fan than I was before.