Gr8 Fun Facts about Mrs. Dillon


Mrs. Dillon is just as happy on the road as in a library!

Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

  1. I ride my road bike 100-200 miles a week.
  2. I took a train across Mexico with my girlfriend at 19.
  3. I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon.
  4. I love cats and once had 4, but they all died. 🙁
  5. I love all kinds of dance, including belly dancing and international folkdance.
  6. If I could be any food, I would be buttered popcorn- it smells good and brings back warm memories.
  7. If I could have anyone as a teacher, it would be Eileen Erickson. She’s so creative, has fun ideas for learning, and is patient.
  8. The worst thing I did in high school was doing “donuts” in the high school quad in my dad’s sport car (after hours). I didn’t get caught!