Site Council Minutes 4/11/2017

Site Council Minutes 4/11/2017

Date: April 11, 2017   Location: Room 207  Time: 4:20 pm
Certified Representatives:
Eva Lange (Facilitator)
Lisa Mooney (absent)
Stephen Long (absent)
Michael Halfmann
Student Representatives:
Camila Ibarra
Giselle Enriquez (Abby Penniz sub)

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Sunshine Turner (4:30)
Craig Courville
Nelson Brown (absent)

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich (absent)
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (Absent)

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley
Call to the Audience: Speakers are limited to three minutes.

Action Items:
1. Approve minutes from January 24 meeting
Maria approved, Michael 2nd)
Discussion Items:
1. Faculty Items
a. Kudos (The Paper Cut and More)
Sahuaro excelling in academic competitions!
• Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair, more commonly known as SARSEF. The competition showcases the best and brightest science experiments in the Southern Arizona Region, and featured 2,030 total projects this year. Of that total, 314 were high school projects, including our 25 Sahuaro entries. Sahuaro had more high school winners than all TUSD high schools other than UHS and Tucson High, but Tucson High has science classes that are specifically research classes.
• On March 17 and 18, Sahuaro’s Debate team went to compete at the Division 2 AIA State Championship. The team had two students win medals, and three students who made it to semi-finals in their event.
• On March 4, 2017, Sahuaro’s Robotics team competed at the State competition at Embry Riddle University in Prescott.
b. Alternate idea for Fire Drills (kids assigned to one teacher/one spot) – the idea was presented and discussed. Logistically, it cannot be done. If a student is assigned to Vicksburg, but the drill happens when they are in Fine Arts or PE, it does not make sense to go across the campus. Plus, the teacher has no way of verifying if student was absent or missing. Admin agrees there is a need to revise emergency plans if alarm is pulled during passing, conference, or lunch time. Expect to hear more at PD before 2017-18 school year.
c. Keeping communication between admin/staff timely – communication does tend to break down as the year gets hectic. Be persistent. One matter staff wanted to know about – the perpetrators who pulled the fire alarm have been caught. Three students were suspended and as work got around, the false alarms stopped. We are still on pass restriction until the end of the school year. Emergency only please!!
d. Proposal to move conference to after 2nd pd – this is a lofty goal that requires much planning, however, admin agrees with this change and will take steps toward it, although it cannot be implemented next year logistically. The plan is to first put out a survey to faculty, students, and parents, hopefully at the beginning of next school year. WE also need to keep track of how many students currently use conference and for what purposes. Sunshine Turner will put together an excel spreadsheet to facilitate this. There must be a “buy-in” for this to work. Next step is to form a committee to go over the pros and cons and logistics. The idea is to have “Spaces”. For example, various math rooms will be re-teaching a certain skill set to any student in need, the auditorium can be used for silent reading, juniors and seniors in good academic standing can have “chill zones”, labs can be available for research, etc. Our current model is based on a volunteer system;
e. 2017/2018 Site Council members – there are three open certified positions for next year’s Site Council. The volunteer must be available the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from approximately 4-6 pm. According to our by-laws, anyone who misses 3 or more meeting may be asked to step down. It is imperative that we have a quorum (half plus one, which equals 8 members) present in order to hold the meeting. Two positions are up for rotation, and one due to absence. All four parent members have agreed to continue, as will the classified and community member as of right now. Anyone interested in encouraged to send a request to Paula Saldutti.
2. Principal report
a. Preparing for Sahuaro’s 50-year anniversary – the yearbook’s theme will be “Solid Gold” for the 50th anniversary. A committee is needed to plan events, promotions, raise money for a big sign or statue, and whatever else may be needed. If you are interested in helping to plan our 50-year anniversary, please send your name to Paula Saldutti.
b. Results of Accreditation – According to the Accreditors, Sahuaro has a “great sense of community” and we are excellent at providing support for new teachers. Our areas in need of improvement are increase technology and leverage use of technology. These are excellent areas to see Sahuaro head toward.
c. Kudos – Our PBIS team has won a merit award. There is not a single high school in the district that is PBIS. Our teams went outside to learn more about how to make PBIS the most efficient (i.e. Cienega, Marana, and Flowing Wells). The team is planning an event for incoming freshmen on first day of school to teach behaviors and expectations (lunch line, bus, passing period, etc.), taking them to various locations around the school.
3. Parent report – thanks to Maria Saavedra and the PTSA for organizing a Costco fundraiser. Sahuaro received 16 cases of printer paper, with each case containing 10 reams, plus many more items that faculty requested on a “wish list”
4. Student Council report – Next week is spirit week. Monday –Athlete vs Mathlete; Tuesday – Rapper/Rocker/Country; Wednesday – Big/Little; Thursday – Hawaiian; Friday – Red and Blue. StuCo is bringing back the all-school picnic. On May 12, during 6th period, hotdogs will be provided, there will be activities, and yearbooks will be distributed in the cafeteria. Ryan DePugh is the chair. A suggestion was made to submit for a grant to Kohl’s Cares. Prom will be held at Skyline Country Club on April 28. Faculty is asked to attend.
5. Community report – no community report.
Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be May 9, 2017.