Fresh Face: Meet Marixa Zazueta-Switzer


Jacob Hernandez, Reporter

Marixa Zazueta-Switzer comes to Sahuaro from Magee Middle School. Right now she is on the Debate team, in the Drama club, and she volunteers. Marixa likes to write on her free time. With thousands of followers, she writes on a website called Wattpad, an online reading and writing community. She writes teen fiction, romance, and fantasy. The second book that she wrote, which was a fantasy, got really popular and gained her 18,000+ followers. Marixa said it was a cool experience but the book ended a few months ago, and she has been working on other books since. “I really do enjoy writing, I find it a way to escape the world full of drama, politics, and violence and replace it for one where I can solve any problems that may arise.”

Marixa was in a club called Odyssey of the Mind. The club was for creative problem solving and spontaneous thinking. She was in it for three years and was president of the club last year. She is also involved in TUSD’s 2020 project, it’s a project that follows students who are graduating in 2020 throughout high school.

If there was anything she could change here at Sahuaro, she says “It would be nice to have a hangout at the school where those who like quiet could go, not everyone can tolerate the loud noises in the cafeteria or almost anywhere during lunch. Perhaps a garden or a cute classroom so those students feel more comfortable.”