Rant on Disrespectful Students


Autumn Fatovich, News Editor

I cannot stand how some people treat teachers. I have bypassed most disrespectful students by being in honor classes, but for the remaining classes I take, the students are out of control. Students think that they have a right to disrupt a class when people like me are trying to learn and it is no coincidence that the people who make the most fuss about things are the ones who have the lowest grades. But I cannot stand when students are trying to learn and that one person is not allowing the class to continue because they are back talking. Why do people back talk to teachers who are educated and are here to teach you and help you be successful later in life? Also when students fight with teachers for no reason, they just start yelling and the teacher then has to fill out an office pass to get this disrespectful kid out so they can continue their teaching. That only provokes more yelling and the kid is just wanting to get kicked out so they don’t have to do anything. That also cuts my own learning time. This gets students off track and most can’t focus for the rest of the period. Yes, sometimes teachers are wrong, but don’t be rude about it and give them lip for it. Like if they pointed out all the ridiculous, inane, immature, non-sensical, cruel, and juvenile things students do, you’d probably want them fired, so what makes you think it;s okay to talk to them that way? They are trying to do their best but when a student decides to be a smart mouth, it only takes away more time and that results in usually, homework. I’m talking to you, students who are disruptive then get everyone off focus.  It is so frustrating.

Rude doesn’t just mean talking back.  Teachers are in their rooms all day.  You’re in there for maybe an hour.  So don’t disrespect their space.  This also makes me mad. They leave tons of food on the floors even when asked to pick it up. This leaves the classrooms super dirty and they don’t get cleaned often so now I have to learn in a dirty environment. Or the teacher has to clean it up and I miss out on possible learning time. When students don’t plug in computers then sometimes I am not allowed to use them to work in class so I get behind on my work and  have to finish it at home, not allowing me to do the best of my work because I didn’t have as much time.