Cuddle Clones – Plush Versions of Your Pet

Cuddle Clones - Plush Versions of Your Pet

Sidney Moyers, Reporter

If you are one of the people, like me, who obsesses over your furry children, has a camera roll full of pictures with Fido himself or an entire Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. just for your pet, then you’re probably going to want to know about the company Cuddle Clones.

Cuddle Clones is a company that is dedicated to creating merchandise of and for your pets. One of their most popular products are their plush ‘cuddle clones,’ which are total replicas of your pet in stuffed animal form. All of their plush toys are custom and hand made with care to make sure that they look as accurate as possible.

Jennifer Williams, the founder of the website, came up with the idea after her beloved Great Dane passed away. Like many of us who have experienced the painful loss of a pet, she longed for a soft, huggable memorial for her dog. Since, after all, having a physical representation of a loved one that you can hold seems to make the pain a little more bearable.

Now I know what you’re probably wondering. If it’s custom made, what does the price tag look like? Well, prices can rage from $179 to $249. While that isn’t exactly pocket change, they often have sales and if you’re interested, they currently have one right now for $70 off if you use the code SPRING70 by midnight on Monday, May 8th.

So, if you’re missing one of your furry, scaly or feathery pets, consider saving up the money to buy yourself a cuddle clone.