Botkin Takes the Wheel as New A.D.


Lukas VanProosdy, Reporter

Good and bad news everyone! The bad news is, students will not be able to pick Driver’s Ed. as a class next year – it’s not being offered, but the good news is, it’s not gone forever. Admin supports the class and current class room and simulators are going to stay intact. The reasons why Driver’s Ed. isn’t a choice as a class for next year is because Mr. Botkin, the teacher of the class, is going to be the school’s new Activities Director and the school doesn’t have a new teacher to step in and teach the class yet. When I asked Mr. Botkin why he decided to take the job he said, “It’s a tough choice because I’ve taught this class for 20 twenty years, but I think it was my love for this school.” Being the school’s Activity Director isn’t an easy job because that means he is in charge of coordinating not just all sports activities but also drama, orchestra, band, and choir activities. Mr. Botkin hopes to make an impact on a lot of the student athletes and is ready for the new challenge.

One of his favorite memories of Driver’s Education is the trip planning project because it gives the students opportunity to be creative and he loves seeing the students put so much time and effort into making the posters. But it hasn’t been only smooth- sailing over the last twenty years.  One time while teaching a ‘Behind the wheel’ student, Mr. Botkin was in front of the car closing the hood and the student let off the brake while the car was in drive and hit him. Don’t worry though, he wasn’t hurt and nothing was damaged. All in all the few things that Mr. Botkin wants his students to remember is ALWAYS buckle up, don’t use your cell phone while driving, and don’t take driving for granted.

When I asked what he thinks he will miss the most about not teaching a class he said, “The interaction and being a group/class that knows each other and are close.” Everyone knows that Mr. Botkin will be an amazing Athletic Director and he will do his best to stay involved with all the school’s students, not just those that do extra curricular activities. Even current Athlete Director, Sandy Novak who is retiring at the end of this year says, “Steve is very organized and will do a great job as the Activities Coordinator at Sahuaro. He will work hard and will be very successful. He knows Sahuaro and the traditions here and will do everything in his power to help make Sahuaro activities and athletics more successful than ever.”