First NWFD Drowning of 2017


Samantha Valdez, Reporter

On April 26th, a two year old girl was found dead in a pool on the Northwest side of town. According to reports,, the girl’s mother called 911 just before 7 p.m. and said her child was not breathing. She had found her daughter floating in the pool and tried to revive her with CPR. When paramedics arrived they quickly took over and rushed the young one to a nearby hospital, where she was declared dead.

The mother of the toddler said her daughter was in the back room playing, and when she came in to look for her she was gone. It is believed that the child managed to open the door to the back yard, and even though the pool did have a fence, the very day before the accident two sections had been removed for repairs. It’s estimated that about 30 minutes lapsed between the last time the girl was seen alive and when she was discovered in the pool.

This will mark the first drowning for NWFD this year.