Prom 2017

Prom 2017

Nora Thompson, Cougart Editor

Prom is one of those events that most seniors look forward to all year long. It’s a dazzling display of fancy dresses and extravagance. This year’s prom was no different  – students (and teachers) all poured into Skyline Country Club for A Night in Disguise… even though very few people actually participated in the theme.

When students entered, they were greeted by the principal and other members of the school’s administration.  Even the principal of Sabino High School, Rusty Doty, crashed the party and was highly impressed with the number of Sahuaro faculty who attended. Even though there were rumors circulating, there was no breathalyzer test being done. Once the students showed proof they were students at Sahuaro, they entered the venue. Skyline Country Club is a beautiful place with breathtaking views of the city.

DJ Thomas played music that students would describe as “mediocre at best”. The complaint was that he played all songs through instead of mixing and he yelled at party-goers for tripping over cords that he did not tape down. Michael Accurso describes the scene like: “It was trash, there was no cupcaKke. It wasn’t the music that we wanted to listen to. It was music for people to grind to.” At one point there was maybe three people on the dance floor…

Everyone re-convened after the DJ announced that Justin Barnette and Crystal Kruse had won Prom King and Queen. Crystal saying: “Being nominated was crazy, actually winning with Justin was amazing!”

Danny Lochhead and Devan Gary, the best friends who wanted to run for prom king and king, believe that they were robbed of the title.  The boys, even gaining more votes than all of the other couples together for nominations, were told they could not compete because they were not actually dating. “Danny and I are ten times cooler than Justin and Crystal… ” said Devan. “There’s no doubt that we are the most favorite couple at Sahuaro.” On the bright side they both aren’t too upset about it. They have also asked me to call them the Fabreeze brothers because “they are so fresh.”

All things considered everyone still had fun, the students were determined to have a good time, and maybe that’s what prom is all about. The entire night is hyped-up and over-rated and sometimes it doesn’t meet our expectations, but if we loosen up and stop taking ourselves so seriously everything becomes so much more fun.