Sahuaro’s School Picnic


Yusuf Rahman, News Editor

On Friday, May 12, Sahuaro had an end-of-year school picnic. This is the first time in years that this tradition has been revived.

The picnic took place after school, from 2:15 to 3:15, following a Wednesday bell schedule. It featured various activities for students to participate in. For example, the Navy and the Marines came and set up stands with games to help garner interest from students. There was also a lot of food available, with not only food trucks, but sports and clubs were also selling their own goods. There were inflatables set up, which were fun for the students. One was a steep slide, and senior, Alex Stone, showed off her blister from the slide.  Also during the picnic was the yearbook distribution party, set up in the Auxillary gym. People who had ordered one in advanced received a free pizza slice along with their yearbook.

Overall, the picnic had some mixed opinions. Sophomore Alyssa Judd thought that “the inflatables were the best, because it was a fun way to compete with friends, especially in the basketball one. I hope this a tradition they continue.” However, there were some less positive opinions on the picnic. Hanna Decker, sophomore, said that “there should have been an option for people that didn’t want to go because it was so hot.” She continued to say how “the lines were super long.” She thinks that “if it wasn’t mandatory, they could do more and have it be longer.”

Student Council hopes to continue the picnic in the future.