Phony Tonys – Theatre’s End Of The Year Award Show


Autumn Fatovich, News Editor

The Phony Tonys, much like the real Tony Awards, is an awards ceremony and showcase for the senior thespians at Sahuaro. This tradition carried on even though there is a new teacher, Ms. Rossmeissl.  Michael Accurso and Michelle Miller had the grand opportunity to be the hosts of the night.

They performed as if Michael always made Michelle angry and even had a cute little ding to go off every time she yelled at him. Michael and Michelle were there to introduce the thespians who would present the awards .

The duo made everything very funny and had great transitions…Until it got to Michael’s slide show.

Let’s just say there was a minor glitch with the show/performance. By minor, I don’t really mean minor either. Rossmiessl’s computer had all of a sudden decided to update, and basically just died along with the slide show downloaded on it. BUT… eventually we got to watch Accurso’s slides honoring those from the  major entertainment business who died this school year, after 20 minutes of stalling.

There were skits performed by the different levels of the theater. Andrew Larson did a showcase of  his monologue from the first show he did this year.


Ayissa Vizuet, from beginning performed an original monologue.

Nora Thompson, a senior, and Michelle Miller also a senior, performed two different musical numbers. Nora Thompson performed a song entitled ‘Shy’ from the musical Once Upon A Mattress.


 Michelle Miller performed the song ‘Rose’s Turned’ from the musical Gypsy. The advanced did a collective dance from Grease to the song of We Go Together.

It is well known in the theater community that everyone has their inside jokes. Who doesn’t? Especially when it is your family. The Phony Tonys not only showcased talent, gave people their class awards,  fun improvising on stage but they also discovered who was behind the mystery of the big spoon. You see, the advanced students have been wondering who was behind the big spoon since the middle of April. Since April, someone in the theater had been taking stock photos of spoons and posted them to Instagram with captions that talked about things going on in the theatre, like ‘A’ from Pretty Little Liars. It turned into a mystery of who was behind the big spoon when the account had started following the advanced on Instagram. It was revealed that Joe James-Eisenburg and Alexis Wolf were behind the spoon and the students were mildly shocked.

Overall the Phony Tonys this year was a major success. Everyone loved their awards, the night, and the fancy attire.