Senior Project- Gabe Rojo Builds a Home From Shipping Containers


Daniella Mahler, Reporter

Gabe Rojo is a Sahuaro High School senior, studying and designing his own structure of a home built from shipping containers for his senior project.

Earlier this year he got into this YouTube channel called Living Big In A Tiny House. Most of their videos are just really tiny homes but what attracted him was seeing shipping container homes and how they looked so small and sort of beat up from the outside, but when you go in it’s spacious and larger than it looks.

His project presentation consisted of a PowerPoint and a blueprint layout of his own designed home. The PowerPoint goes over all the factors of goals and challenges when building a home and the benefits of using a shipping crate as the main frame and structure of the house.

If he was to redo the project he would really want to build a small model of it made out of wood which had a roof on each model crate that you could take off to look inside.

“It went really well I think! I was pretty nervous but I’ve heard some good things so I’m pretty happy about it, and I’m glad it’s over, ” states Gabe.