Guns: Key to Safety or Path to Disorder?


This is a touchy topic because people who are for gun control, do so out of fear, and gun enthusiasts believe it is their God-given right to bear arms. Both sides believe their argument is the correct one. When the Second Amendment was adopted into the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791, it was based on the English Bill of Rights from 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxillary right, supporting the natural rights of self defense, resistance to oppression and the civic duty to act in the defense of the state (

In my opinion, the reasons people feel there should be gun control is because they believe most gun owners are irresponsible. They think it will reduce crime and incidents like school shootings. My belief is, criminals with ill intentions and violent behavior will find a way to harm or kill people whether they have a gun, or not. If they are in fact going to break the law, gun laws are meaningless to them. Now, by taking away the right of a person who obeys the law and uses a gun as a tool for home protection or even hunting, this leaves them defenseless against a person who is willing to break the law. I understand that people are also concerned about accidental shootings. I looked up the following statistics on One in three Americans own a gun. Currently, there are 318 million Americans. Which means 106 million people own guns. In 2013, 11,208 deaths related to firearms were recorded by the CDC. This means that out of 318 million people, only .004% were killed by firearms. While not a small number to the families affected, in reality the percentage is insignificant. So, my opinion that the government should not regulate guns is based on the numbers that I researched, and the fact that I do not want the government intruding on my rights or trying to control my life. The simple fact is, criminals will always find a way to commit crime. Why should I not be able to protect myself and become a statistic?