Seniors Create Mosaic Mural Above 100 Building


Francisco Acuna

Senior artists Madi Baity and Camila Ibarra have certainly left their mark upon Sahuaro.  Camila, who is the artist behind the cougar in the cafeteria, and Madi teamed up for their senior project. “We wanted to leave a legacy behind for our graduating class,” said Ibarra. The art project took roughly a total of thirty-two hours. The project would have costed $600 for all the tile and materials, but luckily Ryan Hemmend’s mother donated the tile, which took the bulk out of the price. The tiles are glued onto a roll of mesh with holes in it, and then afterwards it is left to dry and grout is put on top to seal the tile in. The two wanted to give back to Sahuaro, since Sahuaro has given so much to them. Both have been members of Student Council for many years, and involved in many other extracurricular activities. Madi gained a lot of knowledge through this experience. “I learned so much about mosaic. With Camila as the artist, I learned a lot about the creative process from her,” said Madison. What a great legacy to leave behind.