Amphitheater HS Student Arrested For Gun Threat

Amphitheater HS Student Arrested For Gun Threat

Connor Fries , Reporter

Be careful what you post.  Making a threat against a school is a serious offense that police, parents, and administrations take very seriously.  Amphitheater High School began this school year with a threat and an arrest.

A student posted a photo on Instagram posing with a fake gun with the caption “Don’t go to Amphi schools tomorrow.” A parent soon notified the police of the threatening post, and on Thursday, August 10 the student was found and soon arrested. The student was charged as a juvenile for being 16 years old, and charged with a six class felony for disrupting a school.

Jon Lansa, the principal of Amphi High School later sent out a statement to the parents confirming the situation, “We have worked in cooperation with the Tucson Police Department to ensure the safety of our campus and the student has been arrested.” He also stated that the student had never been on campus that day.

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