Trump Makes Hate Look Good

Trump Makes Hate Look Good

Samarah Peters, Reporter

Basketball players LeBron James and Steve Nash have recently responded to Donald Trump’s posts about the events in Charlottesville. Their reply was filled with anything less than approval. They have now made multiple comments on their Twitters regarding what they refer to as the “so-called president.”

A number of LeBron’s fans were angry that he even commented on the matter and yelled at him to stick with sports because politics are none of his business.

“Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that, but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again! Statues has nothing to do with us now!” LeBron James said. With that, more famous athletes have not exactly been in agreement with Trump’s speech. One person who did support Trump’s speech was a man named David Duke, a former KKK leader.

LeBron continues to express his anger and sadness with the situation,  Not being able to handle how the “terrorist” attack wasn’t dealt with mature hands.

“It’s sad what’s going on in Charlottesville. Is this the direction our country is heading? Make America Great Again huh?! He said that,” he added on one of his other posts.

Judging from the way things are turning out now – America might not be turning out that great after all.