Sahuaro Water Fountains Not Working: What is Happening?

Sahuaro Water Fountains Not Working: What is Happening?

Jocelyn Reeder, Reporter

Everyone in Tucson always tells us to be sure to drink lots of water, but how do we do that if all the water fountains are out of order?  Just in case you haven’t heard or seen, the lower 200 building’s water fountain is gone. With no explanation to why it has suddenly disappeared, I decided to get to the bottom of it. Thankfully Mrs. Hurley, the assistant principal of operations and instructions was quick to answer.

The lower 200 building’s water fountain is currently unrepairable. They completely removed the fountain and taped a garbage bag around the hole. This is the only water fountain that is not currently working. The other building’s water fountains are still working and will remain the same. The new water fountain is on campus and is ready to be installed. Due to the amount of noise it will create replacing the water fountain, it must be done during out of school hours.

Several requests had been made to have refillable water stations. When I asked Mrs. Hurley about this, she reported, ” We tried to get the water bottle filler but they are currently not supported by the district due to the cost to repair them.” The refillable water stations break down more often than the water fountains we have now.

Tile work needs to be done as well to the lower 200 building. The district is waiting for the tile settlers and other preparations for the pipes.  Miss Moore, the High School Site Engineer is in charge of all the repairs that are required. On a side note, she is the First Woman at TUSD for this position. She has fixed a bunch of leaky faucets and toilets on campus already. She has also painted the boys and girl’s bathroom walls over the summer.