Site Council Minutes August 15, 2017

Site Council Minutes August 15, 2017

Eva Lange, Site Council Facilitator

Date: August 15, 2017 Location: Room 207 Time: 4:00 pm

Certified Representatives:
Eva Lange
Matthew Barany (absent)
Ashley Depugh
Michael Halfmann

Student Representatives:
Austin Molina (Alan Rodriguez sub)
Katelyn Kubly

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Sunshine Turner
Craig Courville
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich

Community Representative:
Darryl Day

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley

Call to the Audience:
Ben Garrett of C&I Solar Solutions addressed SC. Prior to addressing TUSD, he must present and seek approval from teachers (done during in-service), Site Council, and parents (Open House on 8/16). Must get approval from TEP by October to be “grandfathered” in. Panels will produce 60% of what SHS uses in one year. One change from feedback during in-service, add panels to Vicksburg teacher lot. Two rows shortened in student lot to allot to Vicksburg lot (cannot be done in front of building due to palm trees. They would need to be cut down – must be 70’ away from trees). There will be 27 columns, zero loss of space, goes in between cars. $0 cost for district: company owns the panels for twenty years, TUSD leases them. Can be purchased at end of 20 years. Price cannot be raised for 20 years. By that time, 80-85% of electricity will be produced by the panels. Steel columns, 15% in ground. Can sustain 105 mph winds. C&I does all repairs (including vandalism) gratis. 30’ LED light fixtures, so lot will be lit. Company has completed projects in all of Amphi, Vail, 60% of schools in Phoenix, and Tucson Int’l Airport. Upon approval, would take 4-5 months to complete (survey land, drill holes, columns in cages, pour concrete, add electrical, etc.) Site Council unanimously approved in favor of asking Board approval.

Action Items:
1. Mr. Nelson approved minutes from May 9 meeting (see and Mrs. Saavedra 2nd the motion.
Discussion Items:
2. Introductions and Expectations for SC 2017-2018. Recommendations for empty positions. Set dates for school calendar meetings.
All positions filled (2 new StuCo members and 2 new certified (Barany and Depugh) – everyone else returning members). SC will meet: 9/12, 10/24, 11/14, 12/12, 1/16, 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/08.
MTSS was focus last year, PBIS this year, PLC support next year. In September, AzMerit results rollout. Mr. Estrella suggested alternating each meeting with shortened agenda and then meet in sub committees to produce results of SC goals (ie ensuring SHS is culturally responsive, supporting AzMerit scores improvement, planning all-inclusive ways to build community through 50-year anniversary celebratory events, etc.)

3. Water fountains – many not working. What is being done?
Although requests have been made several times and in various manners, the district does not support the move to refillable water stations, citing that they are too expensive to maintain and break down more often. As they break, they are being replaced. Tile work needs to be done to the bottom 200, which is noisy work and must be done outside of school hours, but the water fountain is on campus. On side note: Tori Moore, our new Site Engineer (took over for retired Robert Bayze), has been hard at work to fix up the campus. Over the summer leaky faucets and broken toilets were fixed, bathrooms and doors painted, and more. Congrats on the promotion Tori and thanks for all you and your team have been doing to get Sahuaro off to a great start! (Fun fact: Tori is the first woman in TUSD to be Site Engineer!!!)
4. Review of what undesignated tax credit was spent as of last meeting and current balance. Items approved in May 2017:
 1 qty canon professional camcorder $1595.80 plus tax
 1qty canon vixia camcorder $1015.96 plus tax
 1 qty Deluxe Portable Projection Screen $999.85 plus tax
After yet another windy graduation night, it was decided that it would not be prudent to spend this money on these items.
 Scholarship opportunities for AIA fees for 17-18.
$2000 was allotted and is available to students who qualify. No eligible student will be turned away from participating in a sport/enrichment club due to lack of being able to pay AIA fees. Speak to Sarah Genung to apply.
5. Action items requested for spending undesignated tax credit by:
a. Lori Emrich – calculators (attributed to Robotics Club)
There is an estimated 40 members who will be in need of TI-84 calculators plus batteries. SC unanimously agreed to allot $5000 for this purpose. Per OML, it will be an action item next month.
b. Eva Lange – culturally relevant and cultural field trips to theatre
Diary of Anne Frank student matinee ($10/student x 75 = $750, $20/chaperone x 3 = $60, $10/PBIS give-away prize x 15 = $150, 2 buses (100 spots) = $300. Total = $1,260 SC unanimously voted to support this culturally relevant field trip. It will also be on next month’s action items. Much of this will be refunded back in tax credit donations once students purchase their tickets, with the hope that parents make the maximum contribution
c. Current Balance at start (with assumption that no open PO’s) is $27,579.72
6. SHS 50-year anniversary (committees needed and planned events)
This is not actually the 50th year. But…the celebration is underway and shall continue. Ideas are welcome and planners are needed. Some ideas put forth: Olympic fun events of current students vs. old timers/grads from past decades (need assistance from Cougar Foundation, can have food trucks – make it a day long event); Red and Blue Games (frosh and seniors vs sophomores and juniors?) – would support StuCo’s efforts of Link Crew and PBIS; All Hall of Famers event; have an “anniversary game” theme for each sport and recognize sports “Legacy” players – give discounts on this day to freshmen (support PBIS) Anyone reading this is encouraged to let Mr. Estrella or Ms. Lange or Ms. Saldutti know they would like to be a part of planning the celebration.
Principal report
a. Solar Panels in Parking Lot – covered earlier
b. New school year rollout – focus on PBIS, rollout successful. Parking lot always more hectic at beginning of school year. Three pedestrian entrances open: bus bay, Vicksburg, next to admin building. Each entrance is manned to ensure safety and no intruders. Fine Arts entrance has been closed for past years because not enough eyes to keep watch there as well. We are working on raising the funds for a Press Box on the Home side of the stadium. The cost is $85,000 (bid from two years ago). New A.D. Mr. Botkin heading this. He is asking Costco for help, has a Go Fund Me, requesting tax credit help (via Cougar Foundation). Also working on funds for a big sign to go over Library that everyone would see when driving down Camino Seco (Cougar? Giant “SHS”?) to celebrate 50 years. No bids for the sign yet, but Mr. Day is looking into it.
Parent report
a. CostCo Night is August 26 from 7pm-8:30 pm. Booster Clubs can request a Wish List to Maria Saavedra (she really wants to beat UHS!) You must show electronic invitation for SHS to get credit for the sale. You can take a picture of the flier – this will suffice. The flier’s picture will be on – you can show that. You can copy or print the flier. There will be a link to the flier on Parent Link. StuCo is making a donation box to set up. Drumline will open the fundraiser up. All department heads can send in a wish list. Volunteers are needed – please ask athletes and club members (jobs are asking customers if they showed their receipt to give SHS credit, stand by bins, welcome customers, hand out wishlists, etc.) For every $55 spent, SHS gets one ream of paper.
b. Sunshine pointed out that we should be using Kohl’s Cares. They can come up to 4x/year. They volunteer and they donate $500 to use as needed.
c. Maria wanted to thank local dentist Dr. Mohr, located on Speedway and Wilmot. Dr. Mohr – free of charge – gave away 22 NFL-quality mouthguards to our football players. They went to her for impressions, and then went back to pick them up. Each is valued at $500.
Student Council report
Senior Sunrise will meet at 5:15 am on football field on Saturday, August 19. They are working on Homecoming and Costco night and Link Crew.
Community report
Mr. Day brought in a sample garbage lid good for the steel drums – if they work, his company will purchase lids for all cans on campus (keep away bees, keep wind from blowing trash, keep rain out). Mr. Day always ends our meetings with his words of wisdom or an anecdote: 44 years ago, when he was a senior at Rincon HS, in the midst of the Vietnam War, he was assigned a freshman buddy who was a refugee. He was not pleased at the time. 44 years later, they are still friends and keep in touch…
Also, there is indeed lots of money out there, we need to pull together to seek it out.
Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be September 12, 2017.