Welcome All Freshmen To Sahuaro!


Amanda Mourelatos, Reporter

Jumping into high school and ready for fun!
Pictured: Tommy Cullop, Liam Johnson, Chris Madrigal, Tashena Smith, and Rheagan Sandoval

You know what it is like going to a new school – nerve racking, exciting, terrifying, electrifying, and all of the above. With all the different classes, buildings, stories, and people, the “new kids” would probably feel like things are a little hectic at first. I spoke to a few different freshmen of the 2021 class to hear about their personal experience as an incoming freshman at Sahuaro High School.

Liam Johnson is a freshman that came from the charter school, Tucson Country Day School. Before high school, he was super excited but nervous since he had not been to a public school. He told me, “I was a little nervous because of my height,” referring to kids picking on him or making new friends. He wants to get involved by helping with the football games. Liam mentioned to me that he really liked how nice the kids are and that Sahuaro is a “very nice community.” Now he is very comfortable and has made many new friends.

Rheagan Sandoval, another freshman, was super nervous and did not know anyone when coming to Sahuaro. Now she has many great friends. She came from Rock Springs, Wyoming, but has easily adjusted here in Tucson. She looks forward to “Going above and beyond in school” and showing her Cougar spirit!

Tommy Cullop’s first week of his freshman year was ‘”Super mellow and nice to be over.” He plans to make his mark by being on the football and soccer teams for the Sahuaro Cougars. When asked how he would make his mark at Sahuaro, he replied with, “By making an “X” on a window,” then he laughed.

Tashena Smith was also nervous for the first couple days, then everything evened out. She wants to excel in academics and marching band by playing bass drum. Tashena plans on maybe joining track or cross country this year. She was worried about getting lost and went into the wrong 4th period on her first day…oops!

Chris Madrigal is another freshman in marching band and he plays trumpet. He said his first week of freshman year kind of sucked because he was lonely. Poor Chris also walked into all of the wrong classes on the first day. Now he is happy with high school, knows where his classes are, and has friends and his marching band family.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, or PBIS, is TUSD’s way of taking control or disciplining the students. The three R’s- Respectful, Reliable, and Responsible, are also student and teacher expectations. Students learned all about these school-wide expectations and are expected to fulfill them throughout their school years. Already, the Sahuaro campus is cleaner than it has been in years as students respectfully pick up their trash.

First Freshman Assembly – Learn Sahuaro Protocol

Oh, the first week emotions are crazy! There was a reoccurring theme of these feelings: jittery, nervous, elated, shaky, excited, happy, and all of the above. Some students plan on being super involved, others are pretty laid back. To that, I say go out and just have a good time. Now that the first week is over, the jitters are gone and freshmen have the kick start to get this year on a roll! To all freshmen: you are not alone through this and what you put in to your high school journey is what you will get out of it. So go out and play that sport you love, make new friends, join that club you have dreamed of being a part of, and just have fun! These next four years are only as memorable as you make them, so make them count!