Introducing Cougar Fall Sports Varsity Captains


Abi Nash, Reporter

Girls Golf: Nikki Hacker

Standing at 6 feet tall, Nikki Hacker is Sahuaro’s girls golf captain. Nikki represents every trait a role model captain should. She cheers her teammates on and encourages them when they are struggling. Her positive attitude makes her stand out, along with the fact she is the only senior on the team. Nikki is no newbie to a golfer’s life. She began her passion with her dad when she was around 3-years old. One of her fondest memories was when she got her first pair of plastic golf clubs her dad gave her. Nikki hopes to continue her golf career at Pima Community College and then the University of Arizona after she gets some more training. Her coach, Megan Hughes adds, “It is great Nikki has stepped into a leadership role this year.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps to make a very difficult sport more fun!”

Girls Varsity Cheer: Gabriella Bonura

Gabriella is an outgoing seventeen-year-old senior, four year varsity cheerleader, as well as a captain for our Cougars. Gabby is known for working well with others and for being a physical leader who always demonstrates how to fix technique and get better as an overall athlete. Throughout her amazing adventure with her Cougar squad, she has decided not to cheer after high school. Being captain has taught her more leadership skills and how to help from different perspectives. Coach Kayla Bradley enthusiastically states, “So many GREAT things I can say about Gabby… but when I think of what the “perfect” varsity cheerleader should look and act like she is a prime example. She has put in SO many years and hours into cheerleading and always brings a smile to others in and out of her uniform. NO matter what tries to knock Gabby down, she always uses it for good and it really just inspires her to be better. She is not only a role model for her varsity team, junior varsity team, school, and peers. but she is a role model for me! We are so excited to see what she accomplishes with her team this year!”

Varsity Football: Zac Cisney

Many people find sports as a motivator to stay in line during high school; that is very true for Zac Cisney. Zac has played varsity football for four years and has learned how to be a great leader. His leadership skills include physically demonstrating how to perform better defensively and offensively and helping others around him learn the correct techniques. He has decided not to further his athletic career after high school, even though he has enjoyed it very much.

Varsity Football: Kobi Bell

Personality and passion are something Kobi Bell demonstrates better than anyone on our campus. Kobi’s physical leadership has helped him stick out throughout his years as a varsity football player. His high school experience has inspired him to want to chase his dream of playing football at a university one day. Being a captain for the Cougars has motivated him to be a role model and demonstrate to others how to be a good leader.

Varsity Football: Landon Grant

The brightness of his smile isn’t the only thing that sticks out about Landon Grant. Landon is one of our fellow Cougar captains due to his leadership and role model skills. He demonstrates leadership skills verbally and physically out on the field. If the opportunity comes to play football in college, he would love to pursue it. He believes his experiences as a captain have taught many tips with having a successful job in the future. Landon wants the share that, “Football taught me how hard I have to work to achieve something.”

Varsity Football: Jesus Geoffroy-Carillo

Another great personality out on the field is Jesus Geoffroy-Carillo.  This four year varsity player stands out with his verbal leadership skills, which has attributed to his title as captain. He dreams about taking the skills he has acquired throughout high school to San Diego State University. The training Jesus has absorbed will take him far in life and help him be a better teammate to wherever he plays next.

Varsity Football: God Amon-Ra

As funny as he may be, it is not the only great thing about God, better known as Goddy. His personality and physical leadership has helped him be a part of the varsity squad and become a captain. Goddy has used football as a motivation to come to school everyday and work hard. He would like to further his career as a student athlete if the opportunity arrives. Goddy says, “Gotta beat Sabino!”

Varsity Volleyball: Madi Nash

A personality like Madi Nash’s doesn’t come around everyday. She is known for her bright and bubbly smile on and off the volleyball court. Her encouraging nature has helped her earn her title as captain and a spot on varsity for three years. Madi’s verbal leadership skills are key to being a successful captain. She would like to further her career as a student athlete at Pima Community College on a scholarship, but she would also like to keep her options open. The training she has learned has taught her how to think before she speaks. Advice Madi would like to share that helps her maintain her student athlete duties is, “Boys suck, don’t waste your time.”