Sabino Wins the Cat Fight


Laura Mejia, Sports Editor

The annual and long awaited Sahuaro vs Sabino game was held this past Friday . Sad to say we lost pretty bad but we held our heads up strong. Our stands were filled with Cougar pride and although we lost, the support behind the field was amazing.

We started the game rough and never got to recover. Sabino played hardest in the second and third quarter and it left us behind. Number 13, Trayvion White Austin, made our first touch down in the second quarter and in the last quarter number 8, Abrien Painter, scored our last down with number 3, Jesus Carillo, getting the field goal, making the final score of 41 to 13 with Sabino taking the win.

Number 9, Avery Ndisabiye, who is currently injured, rooted on the team from the sidelines.  When asked how the team did, he said, “You know I think the team underperformed, but I’m still proud.” Abrien Painter, when asked how he personally did said, “I think I did great.” Number 12, Amir Hunter Huggins, said, “We didn’t do so well, but we’re getting better.”  The big man in charge, Head Coach Scott McKee said, “It was a good experience playing against them again but we didn’t play very well. It showed us all the things we have to work on.”As the players would say it’s “come-back season” and this minor setback will not be changing that.