New Instruments…What’s That?


Amanda Mourelatos, Cougart Co-Editor and Community Builder

This harness is broke and cannot be used any longer!

A snare drum and harness: $700

A new sousaphone: $6,000,

The experience of learning to play an instrument: priceless.

Being in band, learning and playing a musical instrument, and creating an irreplaceable bond with fellow band geeks is something every kid should have the opportunity to experience. Band is a very expensive activity, and as of right now, Sahuaro does not have the appropriate funding to purchase the required items, such as new drum harnesses or stands. Ms. Engel, the band director, wishes to buy new percussion equipment, but with what money? She is hoping to work up tax credit in order to pay for what the band needs.

This sousaphone has been taped to stay intact!

With new drums, harnesses, stands, covers, and cases, the new percussion equipment should add up to approximately $18,000. New stands and harnesses are first priority, but the school has had the same drums for about 10 years, so new drums, cases, etc. would be nice as well. One of the sousaphones, an instrument similar to tubas, is so banged up that it had to be taped to stay in one piece. The band would also appreciate a bassoon. From broken drumheads to cracked harnesses, the band REALLY needs financial help to purchase the desired instruments and extras. You can help by donating tax credit money, which you get back when you file your tax returns, to the Sahuaro band to make this season and many others fun, pleasant, and memorable!