Lifelines by I Prevail Review

Lifelines by I Prevail Review

Amanda Mourelatos

Right to left: Dylan Bowman on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Brian Burkeiser on (clean) vocals, Richard “Eric” Venlerberghe on (clean and unclean) vocals, and Steve Menoian on lead guitar.

Recently, I have discovered this visionary band named I Prevail. Their album Lifelines was released October 21st, 2016 and is now being discovered by many people with the music videos being released for Scars, Lifelines, and Stuck In Your Head. Different radio stations, such as 102.1 KFMA, are also playing their single Alone. This band is identified as Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, and Pop Punk. I believe their new album was a smashing success and I highly recommend this album and band!

Ever since I heard Scars by I Prevail, I have been in love with this band. Their songs are very original and everything flows together in their music. After listening to the entire album, I was very impressed and became obsessed right away. I also really enjoy their cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift; it flows so well and they made this fine pop song into an even better rock song. Each song on this album has a meaningful message and I Prevail has an innovative and artistic way of presenting it to the world.

Some songs that truly stand out to me in this album are Scars, My Heart I Surrender, and Chaos. Scars, I believe, is about having your demons and fighting or staying strong to conquer them. I absolutely love the “drum solo” in the beginning of the song. My Heart I Surrender is a song all about a loved one leaving you, or never giving you a chance in the first place. Here you are, thinking about that person and how well you can treat them, love them, and you are just flat out hoping they will eventually give you a shot. This song has a soft tone to it and it blends very well; I love how this band pulled this appeasing theme off. Chaos is all about realizing what negativity you have in your life and how it affects you. In realizing this, you see how much better off you can be without those negative vibes that are creating chaos in your life. I adore the dynamic changes in this song and the individuality that I Prevail brought to the table. These specific songs really opened my eyes to a whole new world of music and I highly recommend them for anyone who is searching for new, relatable and rocking music.