How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Abi Nash, Opinion and A&E Co-editor

Hurricane Harvey is now being called a one-in-a-thousand-year flood event that is overwhelming its victims, spreading from southern Texas all the way to western Mississippi, marking its place as one of the largest hurricanes in U.S. history. Harvey hit landfall late Friday night and has spread 280-miles since it first touched ground. Hurricane season affects the southern states the most, especially Louisiana and Texas. Harvey has taken 30 lives and counting since August 25th 2017. Approximately 85% of Houston inhabitants do not have flood insurance, and with roughly 12 feet of water coming in, the event has left many of our fellow Americans destitute.

As Harvey brings massive floods and destructive winds to Texas, victims are in need of relief and aid. The American Red Cross is encouraging people to donate money on its website or text 90999 to donate $10. The organization is also asking for volunteers. There are more organizations to donate to, including: food banks, church donation centers, animal shelters, relief funds, housing centers, etc. Click here for more information in how to help Hurricane Harvey victims.