First Woman Site Engineer at Sahuaro: Tori Moore


Jocelyn Reeder, Feature Editor

Our very own Site Engineer, Tori Moore, has been working at Sahuaro for the past three years. She began her career as a custodian and then worked her way up to the Site Engineer. Tori shadowed the previous engineer, Robert Bayse, who retired last year, and enjoyed what he was doing. When the position became available she took a chance and got hired. Tori is always willing to give Sahuaro 110% and stays on top of work orders.

Before she came to Sahuaro she worked with children at every age and grade level with special needs and mental disabilities. After six years of working with children with special needs, she decided to switch careers. Tori graduated with an AAS, Applied Science degree in Electricity, from Pima Community College, With a 3.6 grade point average. She worked for Helic Electric Company and Sunnyside High school for 8 years.

When I asked her what it was like to be the first lady to work for TUSD engineering, she reported, “Exciting, challenging, tough, and fun.” Everyday Tori learns something different and it never gets boring. What she enjoys the most about engineering is the challenge. She gets bored easily and likes to challenge herself.

The hardest part about being a site engineer is multitasking. You are responsible for the alarms, electrical, plumbing, and basically the whole school functioning on the supreme level. She does all the grunt work. Getting in the walls, going under the school. She works in the places where you would find roaches and mice. She sees herself retiring as an engineer and is currently back in school working on her plumbers degree. Her plumbers degree will help her work at Sahuaro.

When I asked if she had any advice for students, she replied, “Don’t ever say you can’t. Don’t ever doubt yourself and take a chance and do it. Don’t ever stop trying, find a goal and stick with it.”