Skateboards vs Bikes


Samarah Peters , Freshman Liason

The controversy between bikes and skateboards has finally come to a conclusion. The question about bikes or skateboards has been answered, By high school students.  Here at Sahuaro we have many ways of transportation – the bus, walking, rides, but what about the bad and risk-taking skateboards, or the free and wild bikes? Going around and asking students here, they made skateboards sound like last week’s news.

Grace Swenson is a bicycle fan!

“Skateboards are just too hard. Bikes are faster, too,” said Chris Madrigal, a freshman who learned to ride a bike at age seven by his mother. After a couple moments, he added that he liked bikes better because that’s all he actually knows how to ride. Grace Swenson, another freshman stated that bikes are just less difficult to ride, and pretty simple to learn. Not only are bikes more simple but less people get hurt as well.

The E.R said that they get teens coming in every day from skateboard accidents, mostly broken arms and wrists, but sometimes they can be worse. While on the other hand, bike accidents end in fatal injuries, your life is more important than an arm.

Jordyn Mealer, however, is on the skateboard side.

Freshman, Jordyn Mealer, a male with a strong love for his skateboard, practically shouted out his opinion of the matter skating,  “Because you don’t look stupid.” Jordyn had taught himself in seventh grade and has become pretty good.

Sadly, Bikes won by a landslide. Hopefully, Skaters can change that.