Land of the Strays


Abi Nash, Opinion and Enertainment Co-Editor

Territorio de Zaguates, better known as the “Land of the Strays,” is a dog lovers paradise. In the grasslands of central Costa Rica live more than 900 stray dogs. Varying in color and size, these dogs roam free in the villages and lands. The heavenly scenario is run by a privately-funded volunteer organization in the Heredia Province. All 900+ pups are all adoptable and have been named and assigned a breed according to their characteristics. At Territorio de Zaguates, mutts are praised for  their one-of-a-kind features that differentiate them from the misconception that pure breds are more valuable. When an adopter is interested in one of the dogs, they are presented with the opportunity to go out and have their face to face (or should I say paw to paw) interaction with all of their cuddly companions. Territorio de Zaguates is open to the public and welcoming anyone who would like to adopt or just hang with the pups. The dogs spend their time playing in the endless fields of opportunity, but are also exposed to modern indoor facilities, where each dog has their own bed, food, and cleaning stations. There are many water troughs nearby so the dogs always stay hydrated. Come and get your dog fix at Territorio de Zaguates.