The Northwest up in Flames


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

Current Large Fires as of 9/6/17

Things are heating up in Washington State and Oregon. Dozens of large fires have been ravaging the two states recently, wreaking plenty of havoc in the affected cities. Hundreds of thousands of acres are being destroyed, and so far, it has been impossible to control. Most of the strongest fires have been caused by excessive lightning strikes. However, two (Eagle Creek Fire and Quarry Fire) were confirmed to be the product of people. The Eagle Creek Fire in particular is suspected to have been caused by teenagers setting off fireworks, though this has not yet been proven.

Even in cities that have not been hit by fires, smoke and ash have been problematic. “[Ash] was covering my car yesterday morning. It’s so creepy, almost apocalyptic. Everything is smoky, grey, and quiet,” says Lilli Thompson in Marysville, a city over 80-miles from the nearest fire.

No one has been confirmed dead, as most fires are taking place in uninhabited areas. If you wish to stay up to date with the fires, click here.