You Will Never Unsee IT


Abi Nash, co editor of entertainmnt and opinion

The new movie originates from the 1986 Stephen King novel, IT. IT has provided too many sleepless nights for the majority of kids who have seen the movie remake. The original movie came out on November 18, 1990 and has scarred kids and adults since. I tried watching the first movie around a year ago, but couldn’t bear to finish it due to its gory, senseless nature. I have never had an issue with clowns that was abnormal, but I’m definitely not a big fan, especially after this terror.

In the movie, little Georgie goes outside to play in the roads with his new toy boat – a cheerful little kid, enjoying his childhood, then BOOM! His boat floats a little too far a little too fast and he has trouble catching up to it.  Despite his best efforts, the boat finds its way down the sewer drain, where the child-eating-terror-awful-scary-horrifying-whit and red evil clown resides. After his extremely creepy encounter with the cannibal clown, Pennywise decides his arm looks a bit tasty, and he is a bit hungry. Then it chomps his arm off. Let me tell you, one of the most scarring and repulsive things I have ever seen unfold in front of my eyes and makes me shiver overtime every time I think of IT (see what I did there? ;)). The story goes on and more awful, child eating events occur as a team of 7 rebellious, young, brave souls decide that there has been enough evil in their (fictional) town of Derry. As romance, and funny, awkward teenage experiences happen, it sparks acts of courage. This upsets the antagonist, Pennywise the dancing clown, and he begins to haunt their existence is each kids’ unique way. Showing up in their rooms, dreams, reality, and bathrooms, the teens realize that IT feeds off of fear. The paralyzing effects of fear is a common theme throughout IT and is demonstrated when IT becomes the kids worst fears and knows what will get them shaking in their boots. SPOILER ALERT!!! The end of the movie results in the realization of what feeds the clown’s (besides their limbs) motive to keep haunting. The team comes together and confronts Pennywise with his own fears, breaking down his walls and forces IT back into wherever the hell IT came from.

I would definitely watch it again, with a human shield to hide my eyes whenever the terrifying pop outs occur, a little more popcorn, and a suffocating amount of blankets to keep me separated from the reality of the awful things going on in the movie. IT is not only scary, but also HILARIOUS! The kids do a great job of adding some comedic relief in between the muscle clenching and hands-over-the-eyes moments you experience most of the time. I found IT a great flick for romantics, comedy lovers, and especially terror fanatics. I recommend IT 10/10, I also recommend it as a first date idea, never a better excuse to cuddle than an evil-child-eating clown! Make sure to thank Stephen King when you’re done on that date!