Meow Wolf: The Wierdest Place You’ll Ever Go


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

Looking for a new and extravagantly exciting way to spend your vacation? Consider Meow Wolf, an interactive art exhibit, located in Sante Fe, New Mexico, that is fun for all ages. Explore your adventurous side as you travel through different worlds, with every room being unique and intriguing.

A light room that was cool but made me dizzy

You start out in a manor-like living room, and you’re told to look for clues to solve a mystery that I honestly forgot the premise of. You and the group you are with pick up slips of paper that range everywhere from short letters to full newspapers. I personally started feeling bored with all of the reading, and just chose to explore. However, the evidence all connects if you decide to follow the lore. I walked into the kitchen and was met with a table covered in newspapers and plastic food. Looking around, I was beginning to lose interest with the whole experience, as nothing matched the colorful nature of the outside of the building. I opened the fridge, expecting to see more fake produce, but instead I found a bright white

You can sit in this but it was
the most uncomfortable thing ever

walkway. When I walked through that, I was in a room of doors, each leading to a different universe. I had finally found the bright and weird colors that I had been expecting. There were plenty of hidden rooms and secrets, such as a slide in the dryer or a room of mirrors in the popcorn machine. I went upstairs and found this short black opening that most people looked over, and I slipped in. Inside, there was an empty and completely silent room with purple lighting and a single organ. There were so many things to do inside, such as playing music on bones or controlling a laser show. When we were leaving, the walls were covered in pictures of trees that hid faces in the branches and leaves.

I highly recommend Meow Wolf, especially being only $20 for adults. If you have nothing to do during your break, and you happen to find yourself in New Mexico, check it out.