Sahuaro’s Crutch Crew


Deartis Mason, Sports Recorder

While “break a leg” is a popular thing to say to our drama students, it not something that any football player wants to hear, and especially not to happen.  Ben Jackson and Justin Scott make up the Sahuaro “Crutch Crew”. They are both juniors who play/played on Sahuaro’s Football team (at least until their injuries). Ben was the first to break his leg, breaking it on the practice before the Queen Creek game. He landed on it wrong, tearing his meniscus and may even have a slight tear in his ACL.

Justin Scott has been playing football for years, but broke his leg shortly after Ben, during the Queen Creek game a of couple days after Ben broke his. Justin’s doctor say that he had a clean break and that he should get his cast off in about 4 weeks and will be able to come back to the team.

Justin and Ben do not like having broken legs because they say that they don’t get to do the things they used to do. They hate the fact that they can’t play football with their broken legs and Ben has it worse because he might have also torn his ACL. Another upsetting factor is that they can’t run or do fun things with their friends either. All they can hope for now is a quick recovery.