Artist Spotlight: Kalena Tyo

Art is a major part of many of our lives. Wonderful works of art inspire people around the world and all great artists begin as children and teenagers. Kalena Tyo, senior, began her journey through the artistic world in third grade, but she says that she didn’t really take it seriously until around 5th and 6th grade.

Kalena explains how she believes that “Art is just fun in general,” and the enjoyment she gets from drawing is her favorite part about the hobby, aside from the feeling of pride when she ends up liking the finished product. Watercolor, as well as sketching, are her favorite mediums, but she often dabbles in digital art when she’s feeling adventurous.

Like other hobbies, there are a few things that she doesn’t really like, such as art blocks. She expresses how not only can it be extremely frustrating, but they can also really cause you to feel kind of down in the dumps. I can imagine that it is especially hard when she is doing a project for someone else or has some sort of a strict deadline to follow.

While she often gets many compliments on her art, whether she likes the piece or not, she understands that there are many things that she could improve on. Through practicing every day in both art class as well as at home, she hopes to make the hands and feet on her characters look better and explore different and more realistic poses.

So, if you’re an aspiring artist, remember to never give up and keep trying because so matter how cliché it sounds, practice makes perfect.




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