The Evolution of the iPhone


Deartis Mason, Sports Recorder

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Iphone at the Mac World Convention, receiving a lot of media attention. Later that year, on June 29 2007, Jobs released the very first iPhone (aka the iPhone 3g). Following that, the demand for iPhones sky rocketed and Apple started producing more of the infamous iphones as well as various other Apple products such as MAC computers. Over the years Apple products, more specifically iPhones, have been becoming more advanced which is appealing more and more to consumers.

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iPhone 3gs

In the first iPhone, the iPhone 3gs, the storage could only go up to 38 GB. The first phone from Apple was touchscreen and was 4.55 inches tall by 2.44 inches wide. The phone also only came in the colors white and black.

The next was the iPhone 4. While it again only came in black and white, it was a hit and customers loved it. It was the first iPhone to have a front facing camera as well as Facetime. The phone was 4.45 inches high and 2.32 inches wide with 326 pixels per inch.

After the initial iPhone, they came out with the iPhone 5s and that’s when Apple fans were truly mind blown. The phone came with finger ID touch to unlock your phone, it was larger and had a variety of colors that you could pick from.

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iPhone 5

In 2014, for the first time ever, Apple came out with the iPhone plus. It was similar to the 5, but people could get the same phone in a bigger size. The iPhone came out in new, fun colors like gold, silver and gray.

The iPhone 7 also came out with two versions, the regular and the plus. The thing that made the plus and regular 7 different, besides the size, was the camera. For the first time Apple installed what is known as a duel camera into the device. The 7 came out in gold, rose gold, silver, gray, black and red. Apple had also ditched the earphone jack on the 7 and replaced it with another speaker.

The newest iPhone is the iPhone 8, which was introduced this month. It will come in either a regular or plus size version. In this iPhone you can get Siri’s help by just saying, “Hey Siri.” It will also be splash, water and dust resistant. One of the newest iPhones will be coming in gold, silver, and black.

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iPhone X

Last, but certainly not least, the iPhone X has more screen than any other previous iPhone and this newest iPhone can respond a tap, voice and even a glance.

Apple has stated that it’s “The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. Surgical grade stainless steel. Wireless charging. Water and dust resistance. A new feature in Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting produces impressive studio‑quality lighting effects.”

We can only wait with excitement to see what Apple will come out with next.