Selena’s Struggle May Now Be Over


Deartis Mason , Sports Recorder

On October 17, 2015, Selena Gomez recently revealed that she has a disease called lupus. Lupus is an inflammatory disease which is caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. Selena has been struggling with the disease for years, but she was sure to mention how her friends and family have helped her through the entire journey. To eliminate or lessen her issues, Selena Gomez underwent chemotherapy. For years, she has been hiding her battle from the world, but since Selena doesn’t make too many appearances, people had started to assume that she had an addiction. The stress of the drug usage rumors were beginning to take their toll on her. She explains how she went to two different chemotherapy hospitals and how much stress that caused her. Even though she was not doing well physically and emotionally, she made the choice to go on a revival world tour in May of 2016, performing all over the world.

Fast forward a year and Selena was in need of a new kidney. One of Gomez’s closest friends, Francia Raisa, was willing and able to donate one of her kidneys. Gomez was laying low during the start of the summer and fans were starting to get worried, but she reassured her fans that she was just recovering from this life-changing surgery. Hopefully this is the end to Selena Gomez’s crazy roller coaster.