7.1 Earthquake Hits Mexico City


Sofia Brouse, Media Editor

September 19, 2017, Mexico City was struck with a level 7.1 earthquake. 32 years earlier on the exact same date, a level 8.0 earthquake hit. A few hours earlier, the citizens had just wrapped up an earthquake drill in memory of that tragedy. According to ABC News, this earthquake has left 3.8 million people in Mexico without electricity and 226 have been confirmed dead, though many people were buried under rubble. The earthquake struck the central state of Puebla and wound up knocking over buildings and power lines. Citizens of Mexico have joined together to clean up the city, but it will take a significant amount of time before everything is back to how it was. The public and private schools within Mexico City are no longer in session, though they are hoping to reopen as soon as possible. This earthquake is a major setback to Mexico and all of its inhabitants.