Tips to get that job!


Juliet Sumba, News Editor

Fast food restaurants, retail stores, babysitting – these are all common jobs for teenagers. The problem is you need work experience to get hired for a job, but then you need a job to get the work experience in the first place! Being young and still in school already makes it hard to get hired anywhere; however, most fast food restaurants will hire teens. So, my advice is to start there.

After talking to a few store managers, I learned exactly what it is they are looking for in an employee. Almost every manager wants a worker who is:

  • Honest
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Has open availability
  • Works well with others
  • Responsible and reliable

They also gave me tips to help someone during interviews:

  • Look professional
  • Be yourself
  • Present yourself well
  • Have confidence in what you’re saying
  • Make eye contact

Most teenagers won’t be very persistent when looking for a job. They’ll apply to one or a few places then wait around to be hired, but that’s not how it works. You can’t just apply for one; you need to apply for several. A big mistake people will make is waiting for a call, when in reality, you need to be the one to call. You need to show that you’re interested and really care about getting that job. This is when you call and follow up on your application and that is how you will receive an interview. If you follow the previous interview tips, you’ll do just fine and possibly get the job or move on for another interview.

You’re a teenager and getting closer to becoming an adult, so it’s necessary to prepare yourself for interviews and jobs, so now is the time to start. Believe in yourself and the skills you have to offer and go out and get that job!