The Death Cure: The Show Will Go On!

Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

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“The Maze Runner: “The Death Cure“movie has been keeping everyone on their toes, especially after the major cliffhanger in the movie before it, “The Scorch Trials”. “The Death Cure” was supposed to be released February 2017, but was pushed back to January 26th, 2018 because one of the lead roles in the movie, Dylan O’Brien, playing Thomas, was injured on set in March 2016 while filming an intense car scene. This two-vehicle scene being shot in Vancouver, Canada left O’Brien with a concussion, brain trauma and facial fracture, leaving him to recover for the majority of 2016.

“I was not confident in my ability to just leap right back onto a set,” says O’Brien after the accident he thought may end his acting career. He says this accident struck him when he was “in a really tough place.” Devastated, yet grateful, O’Brien mentioned, “I had to give them a lot of credit because they stick with me…they didn’t jump ship and go look for another actor. They pushed the movie and wanted to stick with me. Normally, they would’ve gotten a different actor, but I am extremely happy that they kept Dylan O’Brien as Thomas in “The Death Cure”.

This show will go on…so get hyped for January!

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