Can You Pass Me A Leg?

The Russian Cannibal Couple

Can You Pass Me A Leg?

Samarah Peters , Freshman liason

Walking along and finding a phone on the floor, you wouldn’t expect finding a gallery full of dead, eaten bodies. Dmitry Baksheev, a thirty five year old Russian man was found to have been eating people and taking pictures of it on his phone. Dmitry denied the fact that he actually ate anyone, but it’s difficult to believe his claim when he has a human hand and other pickled remains in a jar at home. Him and his wife, Natalia, were known for selling pies to people and when asked what they had put in their pies, they would state, “Whatever’s around.”

It’s strange that they were not caught sooner, as the couple lived in close proximity to a military base and have been at it for almost 20 years. They have been arrested for kidnapping, and murdering and eating 30 victims, but a handful could not be identified.

Source: AOL; USA Today