Upcoming Spirit Week For October 16-20


Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

Spirit Week is just around the corner! This Spirit Week will happen as soon as we get back from Fall Break, from October 16th to the 20th, so be prepared!

Kicking off the week, Monday will be Dynamic Duo Day, so grab a partner and some matching clothes.

Tuesday will be Tourist Day; be sure to wear your sexiest fanny pack and your finest sunhat!

In the middle of the week, come to school decked out as your favorite celebrity or character! You can be paper-loving Michael Scott, Archie and Jughead, the Little Mermaid, the ghastly Joker, or even Winnie the Pooh!

Thursday is Age Day, so freshmen are college students, sophomores dress as who they want to be when they grow up, juniors kick it as parents such as soccer moms or baseball dads, and finally the seniors will be, well, senior citizens.

Lastly, Friday is neon day! So come to school as reflective as a highlighter and as radiant as a glow stick!

Spirit Week does not come around every week, so have fun with it! Use the hashtag #sahuarospirit2k17 to post your spirit week pictures on Instagram and Twitter.