Dirt Can’t Hide from John Hyde


John Hyde

Jacob Hernandez, Reporter

John Hyde, the lead custodian at Sahuaro High School, says the best part of his job is “seeing all the kids and all the sports they do and the school spirit.” John was born on November 24, 1953 in France and has been together with his wife, Mona, for thirty years (it took him ten years of dating before they took the plunge!).  He says a friend introduced Mona to him when he worked at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base; he worked at the ground shop at the time.

John’s best memory is being in the Navy, stationed in Guam, repairing nuclear submarines. He liked the work that he did, but to him, “It’s good for some people, not for others – too much authority.” When asked if he plays any instruments he replied with, “I don’t play any instruments, but I do play the radio.” We laughed. He likes to listen to music from the 60’s to 90’s and says that some of the new songs these days aren’t that bad either, 94.9 MIXfm has a good variety of songs. John is an easy-going guy who likes to do work around the house and couch surf, watching TV. His hopes for the future are to retire and travel the United States for a while; John specifically wants to go to the French Quarter in New Orleans.  

John is most recognizable for his ponytail, which he has had since 1990. When asked if he ever thought of cutting it off, he said, “No, wanted to save money and not get a haircut.” We had a good laugh at that. John’s biggest pet peeve regarding the students at Sahuaro is kids tearing up the restrooms, taking down the soap dispensers, and toilet paper disposers. “It doesn’t allow other students a chance to use these things.” After asking John if he had anything else to say he said, “I like working at Sahuaro. It’s a good place to work at – the students and teachers are all friendly.”  Sahuaro appreciates you John!