5 Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas


Dorian Chase, News Co-Editor and Production

Want to decorate for the coming holiday, but you don’t have the funds for an amazing Halloween-themed yard or house? Or perhaps you want to scare away trick-or-treaters so you can keep all of your treats for yourself? Either way, this is the right article for you, and below are cheap ideas from me and the internet. And if you want more amazing Halloween ideas, the articles I use will be linked to the name of the idea, so feel free to check out those other websites as well! Without further ado, here are 5 Halloween decoration ideas for those of us who like to save a few dollars.

The Cardboard Cemetery

Image result for cardboard cemetery
Yul. B Next… I don’t get it

This idea is one of my personal favorites. All you need to make this one work is some cardboard, dark gray paint, a pair of scissors and a black permanent marker. The steps for this one are simple, cut the cardboard into a tombstone shape (or something else if you prefer), then paint it gray, and write an epitaph on it. Then place it in your yard, and you have a spooky graveyard quick, and for less than 10 dollars. If you are worried about spending money on gray paint, fear not, because there is some cheap gray spray paint here.


A Mummy Door

Image result for mummy door
Tutankhamun, eat your preserved heart out.

It’s a simple rule of thumb that everyone walking up to your house should be scared on Halloween. Too often, however, are doors left undecorated, and that is the most important part of the whole decoration. It’s the culmination of your entire yard’s setup, you can’t treat that poorly. Just get some white tissue paper and wrap your door in it. If you really want to make it realistic, get some white and black paper, and cut out some eyes for your mummy door. So here is some tissue paper for just a few dollars.

Paper Ghosts

Image result for ghost costume sheet
Like this one, but paper.

This is an idea that is the product of my own genius, creative, modest mind. All you need to execute this revolutionary idea some white copy paper, a pair of scissors, and a black permanent marker. Just cut the paper into the shape of the second spookiest Halloween monster, and then draw a face on the ghost. Beautiful. A real masterpiece.


Image result for Paper Bat Decorations
Could’ve fooled me

All you need for this one is some black construction paper, and a pair of scissors. Cut them into the shape of bats, and voila. Now you’ll have people guessing whether or not those bats in your yard are real or not, and if those bats are vampires or not. Hang these up with tape, along with your wonderful paper ghosts, and you’ll have a scary overhang right above your mummy door. Dracula himself would be jealous.

Spooky Pebbles

Image result for monster pebbles
Cute, but scary, like a particularly fierce rabbit, or a baby who hasn’t slept for a day. Or that baby’s parents.

Now, bear with me here, rocks. Not just any rocks. Pebbles. All you need for these is acrylic paint and some of those tiny rocks that are literally everywhere. Seriously look in your shoe, they will probably be in there too. Paint these pebbles in your own unique, scary, festive way. Here is a website where you can find cheap acrylic paint.

Now you have some Halloween ideas to build your yard and house from the ground up, literally. These are the best, cheap, decoration ideas that I could find and come up with. If you do these things, guaranteed you’ll have one of the best looking yards in the country, or the world even if you do it right.