Spooky Halloween Snacks


Rhea Rohr, Editor-in-Chief

Want to spice up your Halloween party this year? Here are five spooky foods that you can make yourself for this upcoming Halloween.

Poisoned Caramel Apples

Everyone loves a good caramel apple, but these create a new twist to the classic fall treat. Poison your friends with these black apples.

What You Need

Apples (as many as desired)

Caramel candies (1/4 a cup per apple)


Black food coloring

Popsicle sticks/craft sticks

Baking sheet coated in cooking spray or butter


Coat the baking sheet in cooking spray or butter

Remove the apple stems and rinse off the apples

Insert the popsicle stick into the top of the apple

Melt caramel and 1/8 a cup of water or cream in a large microwave-safe bowl until a smooth consistency (2 – 2.5 minutes)

Add a few drops of black food coloring and stir, adding more until the desired color is reached

Dip each apple into the melted caramel, quickly turning the apple until it is evenly coated

Place the apples on the baking sheet and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before eating

Dead Man’s Fingers

These little sandwiches give a whole new meaning to finger food. If you’ve ever had a weird desire to be a cannibal, these snacks may be for you.

What You Need

10 strips of bread the width of a finger

10 almonds

Any red jam

Something sweet and sticky (honey, peanut butter, Nutella, etc.)



Spread honey (or whatever sticky substance you chose) on half of a strip of bread

Fold the strip in half

Cut one end of the sandwich to look like a finger tip

Stick an almond on the finger tip using honey to resemble a fingernail

On the other end of the finger, add a dollop of jam  to give the illusion of blood

To finish off the sandwich, use a toothpick to create small indentations where the joints would be

Spooky Fruit Tray

If you want to get in the spirit of Halloween but still stay healthy, look no further.

What You Need

Peeled oranges/tangerines

Apple slices

Peanut halves

Peanut butter/jam

Bananas cut in half

Chocolate chips (three per banana half)


Cut an apple slice into little slivers and place one in the top of each orange to look like pumpkins

Cut the peanut halves in half once more

Place each piece of peanut in the apple slices to resemble teeth

Spread peanut butter or jam on the flat parts of the apple slices and stick them together (use picture for reference)

Stick chocolate chips in the banana halves for eyes and a mouth for a ghostly appearance


Mummified Hot Dogs

Dress a hotdog in true mummy fashion for this year’s Halloween.

What You Need

8 oz crescent dough

10 hotdogs

Cooking spray

3 slices of cheese

Ketchup or mustard


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

Cut the dough into 40 lengthwise strips

Cut the cheese into four strips

Wrap four strips of dough and one strip of cheese around each hotdog, leaving a small space for the face

Spray each hotdog lightly with cooking spray and place on an ungreased baking sheet

Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown

Use the ketchup and mustard to decorate the mummies


Monster Truffles

What You Need

1 package of Oreos (16 oz)

1 package of room temperature cream cheese (8 oz)

1 bag purple candy melts (12 oz)

Purple sprinkles

Edible candy eyes (can be replaced with black and white icing)


Blend the Oreos in a food processor or blender until in crumbs

Mix the Oreos and cream cheese until combined

Roll the mixture into small balls

Cover the balls tightly and refrigerate for one hour

Melt the candies according to directions, and add vegetable oil if needed

Place the balls on a fork and use a spoon to cover them in the melted candy, letting the excess drip off

Carefully place each truffle on parchment paper and press a candy eye into the center, or create an eye using icing

Cover the truffles in sprinkles and wait to dry before serving