Anthony Lopez, Sahuaro’s Own Drag Queen


Jasmine Varelas, Co Editor of Opinion and A&E

Our fellow Cougar Queen, Anthony Lopez, has been practicing drag makeup since the start of his sophomore year. Lopez was first intrigued by drag when he was in middle school, but didn’t experiment with it until several years later. Lopez sometimes dresses like a drag queen, but he mostly practices make up. He would like to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, and become a professional drag queen. Lopez’s mom enjoys his interest in make up: “She always wants me to do her make up,” Lopez says. His dad, on the other hand, doesn’t really bring up Anthony’s talent. “I think it makes him uncomfortable,” Lopez claimed.

When asked who inspires him the most, Lopez immediately said Adore Delano, who was a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race – it’s a show where drag queens compete to become “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” Anthony stated that countless friends have asked why he doesn’t come to school in drag, and he responded, “If I did, I wouldn’t get here till 4th period.” Just doing drag makeup takes Anthony about 2-3 hours if he isn’t interrupted. Without wearing makeup to school, Anthony is already late to first period almost every day – I know because I’m in his class.

Lopez’ favorite make up brand is Jeffree Star. Drag queens Violet Chachki and Lucy Garland influence Anthony’s makeup looks. Adore and Evah Destruction both really inspire Anthony when it comes to performing. Because there aren’t many venues to perform at in Tucson, Lopez doesn’t perform, and most of the venues are bars and clubs so he would need to be 18 or 21. Lopez claims that the places to go to become a professional drag queen are Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles or any big city. “Drag is a lot of work,” said Lopez. Drag stars have to come up with a routine, do their makeup and hair, and be able to audition and entertain a crowd. As of right now, Anthony won’t drop everything to pursue drag; he wants to focus on school until after he graduates.


This first picture was taken just last year when Anthony first started practicing makeup. The rest are more recent looks.