Austria Get’s World’s Youngest Leader


Connor Fries, News Editor

Austria is set to have a new chancellor, who just so happens to also become the youngest world leader. At only 31 years old, Sebastian Kurz is set to become the chancellor.

Even though he is young, he has been involved in politics for years now. At 27 years old, Kurz held the position of foreign minister for Austria. As foreign minister, Kurz had many successes, such as having the nuclear deal signed by Iran, The United States, Russia, Germany, France, and the UK in 2015.

Some are worried about Kurz becoming Austria’s new chancellor, due to his ideas about stricter borders and his treatment toward both refugees and Muslims in Austria. So far, Kurz has already created laws that prevent foreign organizations from supporting Austrian mosques, as well as having government approved language Qurans. He also supported the “Burka Ban” which prevented Austrian people from wearing them. Austrian Muslims are scared to see how Kurz’s time being chancellor will go over and hope for the best.