Mini Rant on Society’s View


Sofia Brouse , Media editor

We are in the year 2017, more modernized and advanced than ever. So why do we stick with our old-school ways? As a person, you have the right to express yourself any which way you want. Everyone tells you to be yourself and stay true to yourself so why does that not apply to your appearance? Tattoos have an especially bad rep, but if it is your body and you are supposed to express yourself, then what is the issue?

Last time I checked, the tattoo is on the outside of your skin so it has zero effect on your intelligence and personality. So what if it doesn’t meet your standards for what “professional” and “presentable” should look like. Employers should not be able to deny someone a position because of a tattoo. If someone can execute the job correctly, then what’s on their skin should not affect the outcome of whether or not they are hired. It is sad that even today, people are discriminatory against the harmless choices others make.