Lets Talk About Stranger Things Season 2


Connor Fries, News Editor


The long awaited second season of Stranger Things has finally arrived. Like many people, I binge-watched the entire season over two days, and it was pretty wild.

The second season was full of thrills and suspense as it moved along. The introduction of new characters this season really helped bring something new and fresh in, while stirring up the plot. I was worried with the introduction of some of the new characters, like Max and Kali, because I felt their purpose wasn’t really needed in the plot. However, as the season progressed, their presence in the show became more relevant, and I became more interested in them and their stories. The villain this season was my biggest issue. I didn’t really like this enemy, because I didn’t really understand what it was or what it’s intentions were other than to wreak havoc. The ending though really got me. First off, the Snow Ball dance was easily the best part of the whole entire season-it was funny, cute, and awkward, but really enjoyable. Eleven and Mike finally kissed (which I know many people were hoping for since season one), and Max and Lucas danced after acting weird toward each other for the ENTIRE season. If you’ve watched Stranger Things at all, you know that nothing ever ends well, and this season was no exception. At the end of the Snow Ball the camera shifts to the upside down, which shows the weird monster that they have been battling for the majority of the season over the school, so it isn’t dead? Besides all that, It was a good ending, but I don’t really understand how its going to continue from here without being repetitive, I guess were in for a surprise for season three.

Max was personally my favorite out of the new characters this season. I thought she was somewhat mysterious and I wanted to understand why her and her step brother Billy hated each other so much, and why exactly they moved to Hawkins. I did like her addition into the friend group, but I felt her being in the group didn’t do much, she seemed more like and extra to me than she was supposed to be a part of the group, especially the part where they are hiding in the bus from the Demogorgon. When they were hiding in the bus Max just sorta stood there. The way she built up relationships with Dustin, Lucas, and Mike towards the end made it feel like she could actually work well in the story, and I’m excited to see how she will be a part of future seasons.

I was extremely relieved when Eleven was introduced back into the story, especially after her “death” in season one. I did feel somewhat disappointed, by the way her story was this season. I felt like this season was mainly her finding out about her past and her overall time spent this season wasn’t with any of the core characters. It was interesting to see her “sister”, Kali, but the whole time it just felt out of place. When Eleven and Kali meet once again, and she persuades Eleven to join her band of misfits, was easily the weirdest but coolest thing in learning about her past. I’ve never personally imagined Eleven as a criminal, but it was fun to see a different side of her.  The heroic appearance in the end when Eleven saves the day (once again) was definitely amazing, especially when she shows up to the school dance and her an Mike meet again finally.

Overall, this season was pretty good. There were some parts that weren’t as strong as others, but it was definitely entertaining. Season 2 really delved into the backstories of the characters this season more than the first. I was left very intrigued and I can’t wait to see what happens in season three.