Astros Win 2017 World Series Champions


Laura Mejia, Sports Editor

We don’t usually get baseball in November, but when we do it’s for game seven of The World Series. The Houston Astros have taken it all for the first time in franchise history. During regular season they put up amazing stats, winning 101 games and losing 61, so you could definitely say they deserved this. After Hurricane Harvey, their win has been seen as a symbol of perseverance. Houston has never taken home a World Series but they have been rebuilding their team, never giving up, and got it to how great it is today, which reflects to how after the hurricane hit the residents of Houston haven’t been giving up and are working hard trying to restore their town to make it maybe even better than it used to be. Houston is now more united than ever.

Proposal during World Series

The series this year made records. Game 1 being one of the fastest in history and Game 5 being one of the longest. Game 1 was just 2 hours and 28 minutes with quick in and out innings and the Dodgers taking the win 3 to 1. Game 5 however, was a long 5 hours and 28 minutes with both teams going back and forth with the score, ending the game with a walk-off RBI single by Alex Bregman having Astros taking the win 13 to 12. George Springer, right fielder for the Astros, also tied the record with Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley for having the most homeruns in a world series, which is five.

Aside from setting records we also had a marriage proposal! After the big win Carlos Correa, shortstop for the Astros, proposed to his girlfriend of one year, who is also Miss Texas USA 2016, Daniella Rodriguez. When asked why he waited to propose he said, “I knew we had Championship potential so I waited until the last game.” Also when asked what would happen if they didn’t win he answered with “Plan B.”

This World Series was surely one for the books.